17 October 2016

Berry Picking

We went berry picking exactly one month before Ashton's arrival and I just never got around to posting it. And OH MAN, look at Cohen! I think this was just before Nathan cut Cohen's hair and got rid of the awesome long part in the front (I was so upset when he did it) and he just looks to different to me here. He looks so young! How could he change so much in just a few months?

Anyway, we found a farm not too far from home and got to picking! I was heavily pregnant, and basically dragged my body along the rows. Cohen would run back and forth between us, having the time of his life. It was a tough day for Nathan, as his ankle was still healing. The day was great though, and Cohen and I both ate a ton :)

Some adorable baby (or so he seems to me) photos of Cohen below!

Eating pizza in the car. Guhh, look at those eyes.

I do really miss that hair!

Notice the colour of the strawberry in his hand. We constantly had to sort through the berries he was putting in our baskets. 

That mess though :)

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