15 August 2017

First Birthday

Ashton turned one on Wednesday. An entire year has passed since I sheepishly went into the hospital, not really knowing why but feeling off. Those first few days in the hospital had me anxious to get out and get home to be with my family. There were many nights when I didn't sleep enough. There was a lot of frustration over balancing my attention between a newborn, toddler, and husband. Not to mention time to myself. We adjusted though. It wasn't always graceful. In fact, I remember a lot of yelling and tears. I remember so many tender moments too though - countless hours nursing, rocking, cuddling, and kissing that boy. Oh man, the kisses!

The greatest thing about this year has been really getting to know Ashton though. He's our wild child - fearless and curious. He's climbing everything in sight and always ready to go. He claps and smiles. He knows when he's about to do something he shouldn't and laughs or smirks when you tell him to stop. He's saying a ton (but mostly baby babble). Mostly he's asking "whatsat?" or he wants to go "ouside".

I love him fiercely and know it'll just grow as I get to know him more.

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