29 September 2016

Baby Boy (again)!

At 3:57 AM on August 2nd a tiny little boy was placed in my arms. As I waited for his cries, I felt the overwhelming fear/joy/love that a parent feels. This time I knew just how much I would love this little guy.

The day before I woke up feeling off, and as the day progressed I felt worse and worse. We had planned to have family over for dinner but I was totally useless and all the prepwork was left to Nathan. After dinner (I had very little) I got up and felt a really intense contraction. Then another. But they weren't consistent, so I tried to brush it off. My sister and law saw me hiding in the bedroom. She convinced me that we should go to the hospital - just to be sure.

Before we left, I went to grab the hospital bag and Nathan asked if we really needed to bring it. Luckily I insisted.

Ashton Quinn was born 6 pounds 1 ounce, measuring 50 cm long. He came six days early and was a little small, but passed all the tests. He's perfect.

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