7 September 2016

Babymoon II

We'd planned to visit family down in Michigan for a couple days before the new baby arrived, but my pregnancy brain kicked in to ruin it. My passport had expired, forcing us to stay in the country.

Since I had already taken time off from work, Nathan and I each spent a few hours searching the internet for other options - Groupons to Niagara Falls, a couple days in Ottawa or Montreal - but finally settled on cabin camping a few hours north of the city.

We drove up Saturday morning, grabbing groceries and other supplies along the way, and arrived in the early afternoon. We took some time to check out the site. There was a fire pit next to our cabin, a little area on the lake for fishing, and a playground that Cohen soon became obsessed with.

It was nice to get away for days, and I am so glad we chose to stay in cabins rather than tents. My pregnant self would have hated sleeping on the ground.

Scroll down for some shots from our trip :)

Eeep, typical family photo -  a little awkward but I'm glad we took it!

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