26 April 2015

Camera Phone: March Edition

I take so many pictures with my phone but so rarely do anything more with them than scroll through them each night, missing my little man while he sleeps. I'll occasionally text a few to Nathan, my dad or friends, but even that is rare. I thought I'd try to share a few pictures each month of what I found snap worthy.

Makeshift change table when we travel | Best friends and brothers
Little legs | Always causing mischief, these two 

Messy boy | Play drawer at Kelly's
New to him: tractor, alligator, and Ash | Toy chest 

Big boy in his neon tee | Playing at the doctor's office
Eating at grandpa's in the big chairs | My favourite face! 

Hat from Tasha :) | Sleeping perfection
Tasha and I with our sleeping babes | Selfie! Hope he's never too old for these 

Reach! Nothing is out of grasp any more | Made donuts (dad said they, "look like poop")
Birthday walk with my boys | Plus frozen yogurt :) 

Crazy, messy, food hair | ...And face and hands
Proud little boy | Climbing the stairs - I'm not ready for this! 

Holding his favourite blanket (THANK YOU, EMMA!) | Is he singing? So cute.
What is that face? Ha ha | That smile!

Enjoy your week :) Here's to hoping for better weather soon!

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