26 April 2015

Weekly Portrait: 16 / 52

I started back at work full-time, and Cohen started part-time daycare (and spends the other two days with his dad). It has been an adjustment for him (and us!), but I think he's doing really well. Of course, he cried when he's dropped off, but I think he does okay the rest of the day. He has been a little crankier in the evening, as he also is down to only two naps (dropped his third since starting daycare).

I mentioned to a friend that I miss him and wish I could see him more than a couple hours a day. She joked that maybe Cohen will start waking up in the middle of the night to see me. That night he woke up at 5 am. Ever since, he's been doing it nearly every night. Although I am incredibly tired, I  love those precious moments with him while everyone else is asleep.

Thank you, Robin, for taking this picture (I didn't take any this week)!

Portrait of our son each week in 2015

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