6 August 2014

Making the most of it

A couple weeks ago my phone got hot and then just stopped working. Just like that. There was no real warning and I did nothing (that I know of) to bring it on. I was so frustrated and felt the constant need to check my accounts on any device I could get my hands on. I thought I wouldn't last a full week without a phone!

There were definitely some drawbacks - no GPS while driving; no games to play in bed while I doze off; no texting or calling; no constant camera on hand; no easy access to my bank accounts, email, Facebook, or Instagram. It's been rough.

I have had less distractions though. I've been more present when visiting with friends, I've fallen asleep quicker without my phone's distraction, and I've given my family my undivided attention a little more often than usual.

^ A photo I took of Cohen, not with my cell phone but, with our real camera. They look a lot better this way! 

If only I didn't have to continue paying for my phone plan, I think I might just do without one for a little while longer. But I, unluckily, am stuck in a three-year contract.

I have had a phone again for a few days again now.  I think I've learned a little during those three weeks without a phone. I'm on it a lot less than before. I even left the house without it once (which is a big deal for me - I don't forget things).

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