4 September 2014

Cohen's Friends

I don't know if Cohen remembers everyone he meets. He has met a lot of family (Nathan's family is huge!) and friends, so it may be too much to remember each person. He's also met quite a few little friends thought. I wonder if he remembers them any better.

These days it really feels like the only friends I have, on Facebook at least, are having kids. My feeds (both on Facebook and Instagram) are filled with babies and toddlers, and I'm loving it! Something happens when a child is born. Their parents become obsessed - we can't stop talking about our miracle babies and all that they learn and do AND we share pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

Here are a few shots of my little obsession and his little friends... It's always great to have pictures, in case we forget!

^ Cohen and Zooey. They are in love!
^ Kate, Alice, and Fiona are so adorable!!
^ Atheana is just precious!
^ Cohen and his second cousins, Atheana and Lucas.
^ Cohen accidentally touches Zoey's hadnd...
... He notices her hand...
... He eats it!
^ Cohen and sweet little Abby were so cute together!
^ Emily is such a gorgeous new momma - and to twins! She is incredible!!
^ I love the spunk Miss Zoey has!
^ Krista with the babies
^  Nicole with the babies.

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