10 July 2014


Our little family has seen so much kindness over the past few months. I am constantly reminded how blessed we are. Cohen is already so loved, and it makes me so happy. I couldn't ask for better friends and family.

I wanted to share a few pictures of Cohen's first visitors.

^ Cohen's aunt, Lacey-Rose holding him when he was only a day old.
^ Robin brought me sushi the day after I gave me. What a dream! I got the idea from Zanna Rassi :)
^ Papa, Cohen, and Uncle Dylan.
^ Uncle Patricio, so happy.
^ My father and his wife, meeting Cohen for the first time.
^ And Cohen met his other grandpa!
^ Cohen sleeping in Nathan's cousin's arms.
^ Cohen surrounded by lovely ladies: Maddy, Sarah, and Margaret. What a lucky guy!

Thank you for all the visits, calls, meals, gifts, cards, and prayers! 


  1. What a beautiful name :)

    1. Thank you! It took us FOREVER to come up with it. We really didn't know until he was a day old.