11 February 2016

Mornings Lately

A couple nights ago Cohen periodically woke up from coughing, he would chat to himself about puppies and chocolate, and then drifting back to sleep. But at 5 AM, he woke up for good - crying and yelling for us to come get him. When I opened his door, I found a tear streaked boy with snot all over his sad face. He was coughing up a fit. After gathering his clothes for the day, I brought him downstairs where we joined Nathan back in bed. But he continued to cough and wipe at his nose. We saw what looked like a little blood. As I was beginning to worry, Nathan pointed out that it looked like he was about to throw up. This cemented my thought that it might be best if I call the health line for a little direction and reassurance.

After being on the phone, answering a slew of questions about Cohen's breathing, couching, and eating habits (and being told he essentially had a cold) , I felt overwhelmingly grateful. Sure, he was feeling awful and acting cranky (and we were all in need of a little extra sleep) but he is an overall healthy kid. The nurse had asked so many questions about his history or medical problems or concerns and I responded no to every single one. What a blessing!

These early mornings, when the sun hasn't yet come up and my toes freeze as I tip toe through the house to him, can be tough. I usually let out a big sigh of defeat as I haul myself out of bed. I want nothing more than to stay cozy in bed during these cold Winter months. I'm reminded how lucky I am to have this time with him. Whether I'm cramped on a kiddie chair eating breakfast at a kiddie table with him or rushing to get ready for work while he watches Paw Patrol next to me (shouting "puppy!" or repeating random words), it's a good way to start the day. Together.

 He had so much fun running around in the cleared-out mid-renovated kitchen.

Can you believe this gorgeous golden hair?!

That's what it's all about right there :)

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