17 May 2014

New York City: Part One

Nathan and I went to New York... a few months ago now. We figured it was our last chance to get away before the baby came. We'll be able to get away in the future - but it will be different, leaving a little one behind. It was nice to have some time for just the two of us (leaving Dash behind was hard, but also a nice vreak).So glad we did this little trip!

We stayed with Nathan's aunt, uncle, and three of their wonderful kids. It was nice having them close by while they lived in Ontario, but there are also perks to having them in New York - we get to take trips to visit them, plus we have a place to stay when visiting NYC!

^ So lucky to have these guys as family!

^ Jared's smile is the sweetest thing! Always ready to pose for a picture.

^ We had so much fun with these two.

^ This boy loved my big belly and had fun talking to the baby.

^ We stopped by the fire station where Ghostbusters was shot.

^ I insisted on getting a picture of Nathan on a bench like this - glad I did!

^ Everyone had fun climbing all over the statues in Central Park.

^ Nathan having quite a laugh about the silly stories Jacob was "reading".

We had such a blast spending time with them. It was hard to leave them - especially hearing how sad the littles were that we had to go. Bittersweet, indeed, coming home. Can't wait to go back (road trip!) this summer with our babe!

More adorable pictures to come!

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