18 March 2014

One Month To Go!

Nathan is quite excited to meet the little guy!

I smiled each time I saw the date today. March 18th... one month from our babe's arrival!

My pregnancy has almost been a delight (when you consider the adorable end result). Barely sick in the first trimester, starting to ache only now in the third. Mostly I've just been tired. This week has been the worst, and only because I caught a cold (man, I am so over this winter weather!).

I am under no delusion that he will cooperate and decide to come exactly on his due date. They say your first child is almost always late, because your body has had no practice at this. I expect our guy will take his time. My only worry is that he is due on Good Friday, so we may miss out on Easter dinner!! Either way, we are growing more and more excited each day. With every kick (and there are a lot of them), every sleepless night, and every doctor's visit (now weekly!), I know I am getting closer to meeting this little bundle. 

With our babe joining us so soon, it also means that the days of being simply husband and wife are coming to an end. When we first started talking about having kids, this made me nervous. I was so afraid of something intruding on our relationship. Gladly, I have gotten over this, and am anxious to raise this kid together with Nathan. 

In light of this role-changing event (and limited time to fly before airlines won't allow it), Nathan and I decided to take a week-long babymoon to New York to visit family. We visited the city, spent time with little cousins, and enjoyed our time together - just the two of us (even away from Dash). 

I will post more about the trip soon, but for now, here are a few shots we took one lazy afternoon!

I love this guy. So lucky to have him as my partner on this adventure!