8 December 2013

Thursday Night

A few weeks ago, Nathan and I had the opportunity to go to ICRF Presents: Live From Toronto… It’s Thursday Night. The night was filled with great food, live music, and entertainment. Special guests Rob Schneider, Chris Kattan and Horatio Sanz made it a really fun night!

The food was a highlight for me. The moment we arrived, we were met with plates of tiny versions of some of our favourite foods. There were chicken skewers, hamburger sliders, potato knish, mini beef tacos, and sushi (complete with little squirt tubes of soy sauce!). Later, the night ended with some equally delicious desserts. We had fruit skewers, little candy apples, mini sugar donuts, and itty bitty hot pretzels. Nathan and I must have eaten over twenty of those delicious pretzels!

I really enjoyed the food that night - including these mini sandwiches!

It was neat to see the guys from Saturday Night Live. Famous people always seem to look different in real life than on television. Sanz looks fantastic (I almost didn’t recognize him), Kattan seemed maybe a little stranger - if possible - than expected, and Schneider was much calmer than on screen. They were all pretty funny, making multiple jokes about Rob Ford.

There were screens set up throughout the reception area where guests could take pictures of themselves to be entered into a contest. After a few attempts, we got the camera to work! Our picture was posted on ICRF’s Facebook page. We had about a week to get the most likes… and we did it! The prize includes gift certificates to Fresh and John & Sons Oyster House. We are so excited to check out both restaurants, as we’ve been to neither.

Overall, it made for a great date night - with a few more to come!

Check out the ICRF website to learn more about the great work they do.

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