12 December 2015

Cohen Gets His First Hair Cut

Just over a week ago Cohen got a haircut. It wasn't really planned and I just cut it myself, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I know there are a lot of posts on many social media platforms taking a stance on hair length for little boys and girls. We were constantly asked about Cohen's hair and why we have cut it yet. People thought we were making a point by keeping it long. We kept it long because, as a toddler, Nathan had longer hair and we both thought it was cute to be like dad. Nothing more than that. I just adored my baby with his wild and crazy long hair.

People were always telling us to cut his hair: "He's a boy. He should have short hair." A bit of a dated idea, but everyone is entitled to their own preferences. We liked his hair and Cohen didn't seem to mind it, so we saw no reason to change it.

I will admit to a couple concerns though. The first: he might get overly attached to his hair and get upset when it finally was time to have it cut. The second: his hair constantly in his face, getting covered in food, snot and anything else!

 So on a Wednesday or Thursday I mentioned it to Nathan and sent him s could pictures of little boy haircuts. He grudgingly agreed and we planned to do it the upcoming weekend.

Then we forgot.

On Sunday morning, while I was dressed for church and minutes from leaving, I said, "let's just do it now". And we did - with a lollipop in hand, Cohen sat in his high chair and got his first haircut (at 19 months old).

Hair stuck to his lollipop and his sticky little fingers. After a few minutes he was getting restless, whipping his head back and forth. And my skirt was covered in hair.

It's funny, strangers often mistook Cohen for a girl. We always thought it was the hair, but people still call him "she" with the long hair. I guess we've hot a pretty boy!

Terrible quality, but he's looking all handsome and grown up!

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