1 October 2015

Sometime I feel like I get a glimpse of Cohen as a teenager. It's usually a look, nothing big. Just for a second, I see him all grown up. And it makes me so proud and happy and excited (and sad!).

We've had a few rough moments this past weekend - scream fests, refusing to sleep. During these episodes I often feel helpless. I can't think of anything to do to change the situation. It feels as though he will cry forever. For. Ever. Truly, it can be so overwhelming.

Nathan will often tell me to simply relax (to which I consistently get even more worked up). But once the chaos has calmed, I see that he's right. I need to take a second, breathe, and look at the situation from a calmer place.

A few photos below of my favourite munchkin to test my patience...

Ha! I mean, come on. This face!

These two were so cute together. I love watching Cohen play with other littles!

I think he was feeding me ice here. Look at him using both hands and being so sweet to share. (insert heart eye emoji here)

 Just me, while Nathan adjusts camera settings.

Uz :)

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