28 June 2015

New York Trip: 2015

Our New York trip this year was quite different from last year's trip. Last year there were only two of us (I guess our third was there, but keeping cozy on the inside!) which made it a lot easier to go out and do things. It also seemed much warmer last year, even though we went around the same time of year. We spent a lot more time with family at home, playing with the kids, watching TV, cooking, and even painting Nathan's cousin's bedroom. It was a nice relaxing time away from home.

We drove down to New York state back in February, so Cohen was about ten months old at the time. (Yes, this post is waaayyyyy overdue!) Thinking back, I almost can't believe we drove almost twelve hours with a baby. We drove mostly through the night, so he slept a lot... but he also cried a lot.

Nathan's cousin returned home from serving a two-year mission in France, a couple days after we arrived. We all drove to the airport to give him a proper welcome!

These guys were just so great with Cohen. He had a blast hanging out with them.
Aunt Monica and Uncle Ken were catching all the action through FaceTime.

We drove into the city and spent a day at the Museum of Natural History. It was a lot of fun. So much fun that Cohen passed out in his carrier.

Jared had his baptism while we were down. Oh man, this sweet boy. Look at that smile. He just melts my heart.

Nothing better than a babe in a onesie!

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