10 April 2015

When Did You Grow Up?

I realized, in the midst of a crazy hectic moving week house, just how much more Cohen understands. He no longer puts every tiny little thing he finds into his mouth. I feel like I was constantly grabbing him and removing little pieces of paper, crumbs, etc from his mouth. He seemed to find absolutely everything.

I watched him yesterday. He was playing with my clear cosmetic bag filled with nail files and cuticle creams and scrubs. And one cotton ball. I was so certain he was going to shove it into his mouth and if have to run over and remove it before he choked on it. It never happened though. Instead, he handed it to me. He played with them for a good five or ten minutes. He would put the lotions and other various items into the bag and then take them out again. I just could not believe how he understood where the opening was. The bag is clear. And the opening was not obvious. And he's a baby. Why did I always think babies don't know much anything? They do. They learn so much, so quickly.

He is constantly putting things into other things now. Toys into baskets, food into glasses of milk, keys into shoes... you get the idea. I'm amazed. Who taught him to do this? I certainly didn't intentionally. I guess they really are always watching.

I also remember thinking how my baby will be so little and helpless when I return to work. Yes, I'm less than a week away from the dreaded first day back. I knew he wouldn't be talking by now, so I just assumed that he would kind of be a helpless blob. Boy, was I wrong.  He listens (and obeys) us when we ask him to come to us or give us things or give kisses (when he feels like it) or wave. He also let's us know things. He'll tug at my shirt, often with great force, when he's hungry; he'll be whiny and hang around when he needs his diaper changed; and he reaches for a toy or blanket when he wants it. He says "daddy", " da" (for dash), and "mama" (still waiting to hear "mommy"). Everything about parenting is totally different from what I expected. I expected it to be wonderful and hard, but it's better (and sometimes harder).

I'm just so proud of our boy. He's almost a year old and just becoming the greatest kid I've ever known.

Have a great weekend!

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