14 February 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

We just returned from an almost two week trip to New York last night (post with pictures to come). It was so much fun, visiting with family and simply being away from the everyday at home.

Nathan and I always disagree on this: after spending time away, he is ready to get home, sleep in our bed and see Dash while I dread coming home a little. I can't remember a time that I was aching to come home if Nathan was with me (I don't miss home, but I do miss people). I think about all the things that need to get done once I come home: cleaning, cooking, paying bills, etc.

This was no exception. I was not looking forward to shoveling our walkway, going grocery shopping, or opening mounds of mail. But once we arrived, it felt nice to be home. It's nice to be in our space.

All three of us caught a cold while away, so, once Cohen was in bed, I sat down to watch a few episodes of Archer and was quickly passed out on the couch.

We spent most of our Valentine's cleaning, unpacking, and napping, but that's alright with me. I used a little food colouring in our juice and cut cucumbers into hearts to make lunch a little special. We have no plans for the night: cuddling on the couch, eating red (ketchup seasoned) popcorn and watching the Slam Dunk competition and maybe a romcom. Sounds perfect to me!

I hope you're doing something special with those you love! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

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