12 January 2015

Once A Week Portrait: 1 / 52

Last year I saw a lot of blogging moms do this little weekly post of their children. I was truly awful at posting in 2014, so I thought this would be a great way to document Cohen's growth and experiences in 2015. I made this decision really last minute, so I cheated, and this picture was taken on January 8th.

Cohen is eight and a half months old now. He is crawling and getting into everything. He loves eating (I don't think we've found anything he won't eat), playing with anything that is not his toy, and (much to my delight) has begun to cuddle with me more often.

I love this photo - sitting on the kitchen floor with messy hair, wearing a white onesie and sweats, and stealing my heart away!

Portrait of our boy each week in 2015